Can you lose belly fat through workout?

Kitchen exerciseMany of my friends are asking me what the best workouts are to get a flatter belly. Most of us believe, training at the fitness center or jogging is the right thing to do. But that is one of the biggest misunderstanding. Many fitness professionals and freaks have a varying degree of abdominal body fat. Most peoples try many different exercises to lose their belly fat. They are searching for this one miracle. In this article I will reveal one of my belly fat burning tricks. Mostly obese peoples or women like me, who don’t have the strength, are struggling with all those different exercises.

The sad thing is, that ab-specific training does NOT burn fat off your stomache. They tone and strengthen the underlying abdominal muscles, but not the ones we need to strengthen for a flat belly. That was also always my problem. I’ve done loads of different ab-specific belly training, but my belly still was a kind of wobbly. So what can we do? We have to focus on  a full body strategic workout that will cause a much greater metabolic rate increase and fat-burning hormonal response from your training program as a whole.

Further simply doing cardiovascular workouts will not necessarily create the greatest metabolic response or hormonal response either. We need a much more founded training program that focuses on the whole body with resistance training and multi-joint exercises in a higher intensity way.

This high intensity full body program combined with the right nutrition is the real key to lose the extra belly fat. This is a much better than just trying to do ab workouts and hoping that just doing a bunch of ab exercises like crunches and leg raises are going to make look great.

The astonishing thing is, that most of us still think that hundreds of reps with a fast speed does the job. They are sweating at the fitness center, but the belly fat doesn’t really burn away. I read every day in the fitness forums that peoples give advice on how they do workouts for hours. Please, don’t waste your time! It doesn’t work. And most of us know that because we have been trying it for month and years.

Also many of us see those exercises and they can’t really follow them, as they are overweight or just not  strong enough, as I am. I do strongly believe that a certain amount of ab-specific exercises mixed into your routines are beneficial. When done correctly Ab exercises will help you strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles and are useful for other purposes such as a healthy back and posture. Slow exercise is much more effective to build up your abdominal muscles than fast ones. But the fact remains that ab exercises are not necessary for fat loss. The fat burning part has to been done by the right diet. For example there are 3 vegetables, that fight abdominal fat. A much smarter full body resistance training routine and a clean healthy balanced diet are the most important factors.

An other positive effect is for those who suffer from pack pain. Most of those peoples have a wobbly belly. The whole weight of the body is only held by the muscles in the back. So if we strengthen the abdominal muscles, it will also help to keep the body upright and the back muscles will be released.  If back muscles don’t have to “work” that hard, your pain can be reduced. Many of the full body exercises also indirectly work the abdominals and core due to the stabilization required in some of the more difficult variations.

One of mPush ups in the kitcheny biggest problems was, when I was watching some personal trainers doing push ups. Wow, how can they do it, I couldn’t even do 2 of them. Not because of my weight, no it was more because I wasn’t strong enough. So that is what I do in the kitchen. I hold myself at the sink and my feet are about 60cm away. The same as if you would do push ups on the floor. I recommend to start to do only 10 push ups but very slow. Count to 5 while going down and to 5 again when coming up again. You will feel your muscles work. Especially for us women this is a great exercise, because it also gives you a nice female body

Author: Pamela W., Nutritional Coach and Wellness Coordinator. Since January 2014 till August 2014 I lost 15kg of weight. Although I always thought I had a healthy diet with fruits, vegise, smoothies, whole grain, fish and chicken my weight was at 75kg. Everybody told this was age being 53 now. But I was unhappy especially with the shape of my body. I started to get through my books, looked at many new studies and read allot. I completely changed my thinking and after 7 month I had the same weight as I had before my first pregnancy. So I want to share with you my best tricks without having to do any wicked diets or count calories. My kitchen workout is one of my favorites. It you are stronger after some time, you can do the push ups i.e. at the edge of the bath.

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