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Ladies and Gents, it’s time to FINALLY end the frustration with your body…

Learn How I at the age of 54 Used the Same Secrets to Shed Years of

Extra Stubborn Belly Fat and Finally Get a Sexy Flat Stomach…

…and by using these little-known dietary tricks and workout techniques I’ve learnt of  my best friend Mike (Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer), I am no longer self conscious about my body, and am finally comfortable showing off my new sexy waistlines in that sexy dress that I had been dying to wear! I’m NOT perfect! There is still more special exercise to do during the next month – but I’m happy and especially my hubby loves my new look too.

Let me guess:

You’ve already tried every “miracle diet” that’s come along and nothing has worked to help you shed that excess tummy fat, right?

You’ve probably also done all of the hundreds of crunches, situps, leg lifts, and other useless abs exercises, and that stomach of yours doesn’t seem any flatter, does it?

You might also think that anything labeled at the grocery store as “low fat”, “sugar free”, “low-carb”, or “whole grain” are good for you, right?  Think again! You’ve been deceived by the clever marketing of huge multi-million dollar food corporations…

FACTDid you know that most foods labeled as “sugar free” or “low-carb” actually contain artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and other additives that create a hormonal mess inside your body, actually stimulating your body to STORE more belly fat and stimulate cravings!   And foods labeled “whole grain” only have to contain a small fraction of whole grains where the majority can still be refined starches and sugars that spike your blood sugar faster than a sugar-laden soda!

What About Ab Machines?

You may also have tried a couple of those crappy “abdominizer machines” or “ab rocker-roller-lounger” gadgets you saw on the late night infomercial, yet you still see no signs of toned sexy abs developing, right?  And don’t even get me started on those worthless “ab-belts”!

You’ve probably also done the hours and hours of boring cardio in the past, and that didn’t seem to strip off the unsightly belly fat either, right?

And you were just flat out scammed at the supplement store when you bought those “advanced fat burner” pills that you saw in the clever magazine ad…

FACTDid you know that supplements like the bogus fat burner pills aren’t even regulated in the US to assure that there’s even any active ingredients at all in the pills?

Yep, according to US law (ever since the DSHEA Act of 1994), there’s no oversight or regulation of supplement companies to assure that their claims are accurate or that they are even honest about what’s in the bottle. With several thousand supplement companies, that leaves room for a lot of scam artists and a LOT of worthless products that don’t cause any fat loss in your body at all. I only know and take one supplement since 1994. It is made of over 17 fresh fruits and vegetables as a basis to my daily nutrition – not an instead.  It is the best supplement worldwide and 100% natural. It boosts your immune system and keeps you fit and healthy. It is called JuicePlus (choose your country by clicking on the globe to read in your language!). JuicePlus is has done studies all around the world. It is NOT a fat burner pill – it is a natural supplement to keep you healthy! And the most important thing for me is, that I never caught any severe flues since 20 years – amazing.

As I’ve reached 70 kg  I also tried other fat burner pills and drinks. Well, that was a waste of money!

So… If Hours of Cardio, Hundreds of Crunches, $100’s of Dollars of Wasted Fat-Burner Pills, and the Gimmick Ab-Belts & Abdominizer Machines Don’t Work… What Does Work to Get That Tight Sexy Stomach?

DSC02485I’m going to introduce to you what does work by telling you a real quick story about how I made spectacular changes in my body by trying something drastically different than what I’ve done in the past.

You see, also as a Nutritional Coach and Wellness Coordinator I had to find a new way as living as a vegetarian eating fruits, vegetables, loads of whole grain products and drinking smoothies made me fat and not slim,

See my picture standing in the kitchen and proud to have such a great figure. I never thought it would be possible to reach the same weight as I had before my first pregnancy in 1982. Today the scale showed amazing Now I want to show you how you can reach the same. Mike helped me during the last 8 month to reach that goal and I would love to see you happy too.

When I first talk to my clients, they were spewing a lot of the same old negative beliefs about their body that I see so many women have… they would say things such as:

“Oh, I’ll never lose weight… my metabolism is shot and just way too slow!”


“I’ll just have to accept my flabby body the way it is because with my genetics, I’ll never get a flat stomach.”


“I’ve tried everything and nothing works… I’m doomed to have this pooch-belly and love handle rolls for life!”


“I just don’t have time to get in shape… it’s just impossible for me with my busy schedule… I should just give up.”

The fact is… you can change it  ALL of these beliefs DEAD WRONG!  And so have thousands of other women that changed their mindset, their workout techniques, and their nutrition habits drastically from their old habits that weren’t working.

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Start Working WITH Your Body

Think about this… if what you’ve been doing all these years hasn’t been getting you the results you want, doing more of that same thing won’t get you any further!  If doing 4 hours of cardio a week hasn’t worked for you, why do you believe that doing 7 hours of cardio will?

If doing 100 crunches a day hasn’t gotten you the results you want, why do you think that doing 200 crunches a day will?  Of course you remember that doing the same things over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity!

The truth is that all of these techniques are WRONG and ineffective ways to workout.  In fact, doing excessive cardio is actually working against your results because you are stimulating excessive cortisol production in your body and breaking down lean muscle tissue… all of which leads to the slowing down of your metabolic rate over time and deposition of even more belly fat on top of what you already have.

Also, wasting most of your workout time with ineffective abs exercises such as crunches, situps, and torso twists actually goes directly against your fat loss efforts as well.  You see, the time you waste with doing all of these fairly ineffective abs exercises, is really just keeping you from doing the truly effective full body exercise combinations that actually stimulate your fat burning hormones and increase your metabolic rate for as much as 24-48 hours after each workout.  You don’t get that with “ab workouts” or “cardio”!

When you get these types of full body metabolic-surge workouts right, the excess belly fat starts to melt off quicker than you ever could have imagined.  Yes, it IS going to take a little work though. You’re not going to be able to just be lazy and sit on the couch every day hoping for your dream body to come true.  Don’t worry though, it’s a system that can be applied by anyone, regardless of your age or current conditioning.

95% of Women Make These Same Mistakes Over and Over

I noticed most women were falling into many of the same traps as I was during the last 20 years. Some of them I mentioned above with the excess cardio, the time wasted doing crunches & situps, the bogus fat-burner pills, the worthless ab gadgets, the grocery store mistakes, and the failed diets time and time again.

I had also fallen into the same traps and struggled with my fitness for years due to these mistakes.  But something changed immediately when I started using the workout and dietary techniques that Mike revealed to me.

I finally started getting results and losing layer upon layer of ugly body fat after years of struggling to lose even a couple of pounds!

Change Your Methods Drastically and Your Body Will Change Drastically…
Get Out That Bikini!

After finally changing my ways and adopting a new way of thinking about food, working out, and what sI could achieve, I have lost over 15 kg and literally made myself an entirely new person. I feel more energetic, look about 10 years younger now, and is finally confident to wear whatever I wants out of the house now, after years of being self conscious.

So What did I Do Differently
That Has Kick-Started Me Into a Whole New Lifestyle of
Feeling Good & Looking Sexy?

Well, what I am doing is a uniquely designed full body program my friend Mike put together called  How to make exercise fun again.

Time and time again my friend Mike even saw his friends and family just being flat-out scammed by the unscrupulous marketers in the fitness industry selling you all of this garbage that isn’t going to do anything at all to change your body for the better… It’s only going to make their wallets fatter!

What he did was put together an innovative scientifically-based fitness program that has finally revealed the truth about abdominals, stomach fat & love handles, and is helping tens of thousands of people around the world to finally conquer their struggle.

Keep reading below and you’ll see how he also arranged for you to get a Free DVD from world-famous trainer (from Season’s 3 & 4 of The Biggest Loser), Kim Lyons!  And I’ll even give you exclusive access to a membership site!

The Solution to Flabby Abs Was Born!

My friend Mike (Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer)  was developing this program, he dedicated himself non-stop to researching as much legitimate information as he could get his hands on for losing body fat (particularly that stubborn fat that covers the abs).  He also researched all of the best information on developing the abdominals as best as possible as well as studying the techniques of working the deeper transversus abdominis & multifidus to help “pull-in” your stomach and help to make it flatter over time.

He started immersing himself in some of the best legitimate exercise research journals out there, reading countless books from some of the best strength coaches and trainers in the world, and soaking up the info from some of the best nutritional books and journals from the top authorities in the world on the subject.

Mike also dedicated himself to being a top-notch fitness professional as he became a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and eventually years latertruthAboutAbs_cover_small, an international author.

He also used his daily training of fitness clients, as well as his own training methods, to determine “in the trenches”, what worked and what didn’t for getting rid of that stubborn abdominal fat. The end result is a winning solution for ridding yourself of that extra belly fat and developing flat sexy 6-pack abs the right way! And it’s all found in my internationally popular program, The Truth about Six Pack Abs.


Now let’s get back to the information that’s going to get you those elusive flat six pack abs…

Click Here  to discover several unique scientifically PROVEN techniques for losing stubborn tummy fat and getting a tight sexy stomach like mine.