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I’m a mature aged 57. I’m surely not a “Barby Doll”, nor did I do everything right during the last years to keep my weight. Well, to be honest, I had to realize, that a vegetarian nutrition with whole grain, fruits, vegetables, smoothies and fish made me fat. I know you will say WHAT? But if you read through my blogs you will see and then experience yourself that it is true. The pictures I’m posting on here are mostly of me. I want to show you, that you can reach the same.

I’m working since 1994 in the health industry as Wellness Coordinator and Nutritional Coach. I worked and learnt in different countries as England, States, Spain, Switzerland, German and Italy.  After 20 years, talking everybody into a “healthy and nearly vegetarian nutrition” I was sick and tired of my own weight. Everybody told me 75kg, that is normal when you reach 50. But I was unhappy with the cellulite on my thighs, my fat belly and just everything. So I searched for a completely new way. Before I forget, I’ve also decided to go back to my natural hair color. Even if it gets a bit grey lol. I don’t think all those chemicals we put on our head does us any good.

I do believe, that we can look great without cosmetic surgery, botox and silicon tits 🙂 And this all WITHOUT DIETING – no shakes, tablets and no extensive sweating sports. This is what happened to my body from January 2014 to July 2014!


Perhaps you are a “Junk Food and Cake Eater” or are you a “Nearly Vegetarian” eating all the recommended healthy products? You started several diets and it just didn’t do the job? Don’t worry, I was the same. Eventhough I told all my clients to eat 5 vegies and fruits a day, whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, mais, rize, chicken, fisch, salad and smoothier my weight went up to 75kg. With a height of 1.68 that was obese! Oh, yes, everybody told me not to worry. But I felt terrible and was afraid of putting on more weight.

So I’ve made a DECISION. Something has to be changed. I didn’t know what, but I started to search the internet and read through my books. I looked at many studies. Why did I put on weight during the last 10 years? I ride my bike and got two dogs to walk every day. Then I found one article and did meet Mike who completely opened my eyes. We were all wrong.

Oh, it wasn’t that easy. I’m half Swiss and half Welsh – therfor Swelsh  :) Wheatbix or Swiss Muesli without sugar, I was addicted to that. And now I had to stop eating that for breakfast. My dear, that wasn’t an easy decision. That was one loads of changes I started to do in January. And you can see: IT WORKED! I’ve now got the same weight as before my first pregnancy in 1982. WITHOUT DIETING!!! And I’ve got much more energy. I’m sure you came to my blog, as you want to reach the same. YOU CAN DO IT TOO.


I will share with you my experiences that I had before I came to the SECRET OF WEIGHT LOSS. You can read more about shakes, drinks, smoothies, supplements, different diets, which workout is more effective and about the topic menopause. But you will learn how to


So are you dedicated to stay with me during the next 6 month? YES! Do you want to make changes to your lifestyle? YES! Do you dream of being slim and sexy’ YES!

Dreams can be true if you stick to them. My first trick is easy but also difficult. Take a look at how much wheat you eat. I am not talking about totally Gluten Free. I’m talking about eating less bread, noodles or anykind of wheat products. Ah I know your answer now. Most peoples will answer: “But I don’t eat much bread”. Sure but it counts up. Just take a look, write down what you eat and see who many products contain wheet. But not only pasta or brea. Wheat is hidden in loads of products. I dn’t buy anything new without looking at the lable is there is corn or wheat inside. Then why should I eat i.e. cottage cheese with cornflower added or …. I would like to make a deal with you. Just reduce wheat and corn by 40% and see what happens. Or make a wheatfree day. That is a easy start isn’t it? I promise you will loose your first kilos.

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